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A truly spectacular set of Victorian pornography, ten pictures I’ve collected from the same extraordinary, beautiful and intensely erotic session, well over a hundred years ago. I believe their connection is clear, in the soft smiles, the eye contact, the tenderness in the way hands lay on bodies, everything tells that this pair were lovers before and after this day on which we see them act out all their passion before the camera.
(Each picture from this adored collection can be picked out singly here should you want to take particular images not the full set as I have arranged it)

These incredible, brave, beautiful sweeties with their flower crowns and ruffles and corsets and shy, tender expressions and hard cocks and agh I love them. ;_; I hope they managed to be happy.


I didn’t know porn could be so sweet.

queer porn for the ages <3


more of Benjamin Godfre’s hot cock and body here - other hotties here


a couple of commissions for sexybovine

Thank you so much for doing these for me! <3 They are both perfect ;u;


So I added a little something to this Post of Siggles for Natsus Ampora Pornstars AU. YOU SHOULD PROBABLY LOOK THAT POST UP BEFOREHAND OwO*

I think kanny would enjoy some bottom!cro action and maybe a lil more eue//winkwonk


Avery - by Roanoak

~Make it rain~


The Zero Tolerance policy at Flint's new workplace is a bit more…severe..
(clickthrough for uncropped)


More of Auriga Suicide



I ended up adding some colour to the sketch I did in pchat. NSFW under cut. Checking it might cause the temperature to rise-

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